Journey of a Civilization: Indus to Vaigai

Journey of a Civilization: Indus to Vaigai

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  • R. Balakrishnan
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“Journey of a Civilization: Indus toVaigai” seeks to establish commongrounds and connecting threads thatlink the riddles of Indology, namely theauthorship and language of the IndusValley Civilization and the origins ofDravidian language speaking people ingeneral and Old Tamil traditions inparticular. Balakrishnan considers theseissues to be not only interconnectedbut two sides of the same coin. This book aims to place new evidenceabout the Dravidian affiliation with thelanguage of the Indus people andpositions the ancient Sangam Tamilcorpus as a proto- document that isrelevant for understanding Tamilpre-history which had probableconnections to the Indus Civilization.The spatial and temporal distancesbetween the Indus Valley Civilizationand ancient Tamilakamcannot be arestricting factor to tracing remnantsof the Dravidian in the northwesterngeographies and its legacy markers inthe Sangam texts.


Author: R. Balakrishnan 

Genre: History

Language: English

Type: Hard Bound

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